The Australian Tour: Phase I Clinical Trial Units

There are many benefits for companies conducting Phase I research in Australia: you may have already read our previous blog or recently-developed ebook, which deals more generally with the advantages of running clinical trials in Australia. However, there has been a recent emphasis on Phase I research in Australia – almost 30% of studies conducted […]

Bridging the Gap Between Advertising on Social Media and Your Ethics Review

Oftentimes, it is only after planning a clinical trial that we consider advertising it online. However, there are a whole host of benefits that online advertising has over traditional print media! Talks regarding what advertising platform and content to use should take place as part of your study’s planning phase. When doing so, you should […]

5 Ways to Search & Discover Local Clinical Trials

The process of finding a clinical trial can be a tricky task if you don’t know where to look. There are many great resources for finding studies which remain relatively unknown. When searching for clinical trials, there are also a few aspects that should be kept in mind. Most importantly, if you want to participate […]

The Clinitiative: A New, Community-Centered Approach to Clinical Trial Promotion

The development of is the culmination of Datapharm Australia’s holistic approach to clinical trials. A fusion of community building, social media, and online interaction drives both the design and purpose of the website. Simply put, this is the next logical step in Datapharm Australia’s mission to provide quality assistance and the best value at […]