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If your study needs more participants, can help you! We offer managed online recruitment campaigns – flexible enough to meet changing needs over the course of a study. We run ethics-approved Facebook adverts for you, driving people to a fully customised study page with a prescreening questionnaire. When participants enter their details and select your site, you will be immediately notified.Here are just some of the features this campaign offers:

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A key consideration before a study starts is the recruitment rate of your Trial Site, but this is difficult to estimate. A pre-study campaign has the ability to demonstrate that your Site is both ready and willing to run a study, while building your participant database at the same time! By running a general social media campaign that directs interested people to your Site, you gain a multitude of benefits.The features of this campaign include:

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Boost referrals to your trial!

If your study needs more participants, we offer paid social media recruitment campaigns that adapt to your study’s changing needs. We deploy Facebook ads that direct participants to a customised study sign-up page on Sites are immediately notified of sign-ups as they roll in.Benefits of this campaign:

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Prepare for your next trial!

How can you be confident that a planned study will recruit enough participants? You can engage Trial Site candidates and potential participants by way of a pre-study feasibility investigation through social media. In this way, feedback can help you better gauge the success of your next study before your protocol has been finalised.Benefits of a pre-study campaign:

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We’d love to hear from you! Please send us any enquries, suggestions, or comments

Frequently Asked Questions


We are new to clinical research, how can we get involved in clinical trials? There are many clinics, small and large, private and public, hospitals and institutions with staff that would like to get involved in running clinical trials but haven’t had the opportunity before. Why is this? Is this a problem? How can we get started? What training do we need? Can we still have a profile on this website? Can you help us find a clinical trial to be part of? What things do we need in order to get started (SOPs etc)? Can you assist with this? Who should we talk with? Get in touch with us today to find out more about these answers. How can we promote our clinical trial on this website?

The following three steps are free and should not take long at all.

Step 1: do you have a login?

Step 2: Upload a profile for your site

Step 3: Upload your clinical trial advertisement. 

There are additional promotional opportunities through this website which e are happy to discuss further.

Click on the links here to learn more about the Free clinical trial advertising and additional paid promotional and patient recruitment services

We do not have a social media policy for our clinical trial site?

We are currently drafting a free standardised social media policy specifically for clinical trial sites to adopt which will be live for local consultation shortly. The aim of this document is to support clinical trial sites enter the “social online world” in a more confident and compliant manner with particular regard to patient recruitment. If you would like to know more about, or be involved in this consultation, get in touch with us today.

How to videos

HOW TO create your FREE Investigator Site profile

HOW TO link your clinical trial experience to your Investigator site profile

HOW TO post FREE clinical trial advertisements


How do I find out about clinical trials that may be of interest to me, a friend or a family member?

If you are interested in finding a clinical trial for a specific medical condition, the first point of call would be to the relevant clinical trial registry (there are a few) and your health care provider. There is not always a straightforward answer to this question. It can require a lot of sleuth work from you! Whilst we all would hope our health care provider would know where to go or who to speak with, this is not always the case. Our am is that this website gives some assistance, but we cannot guarantee it’s completeness.  For more info on finding or searching for clinical trials click here…

How to subscribe to Australian Clinical Trial Notifications

What should I ask before participating or enrolling in a clinical trial?

Before participating in a clinical trial you should be taken through what is called an informed consent process. What does this mean? Generally speaking you will be given a document to read which outlines what the study involves. Warning: simply reading this document and then signing it is not enough!  The Investigator or delegated staff at the site running the clinical trial should meet with you and explain the study and answer any questions you want to ask. You should only give consent once you are satisfied you have understood what is involved. For more information on what types of things you may want to consider or ask click here…

Where can I learn more about the clinical trials process?

There are many on-line resources which explain more about the process of clinical trials. It is important to understand that for the most part clinical trials can vary dramatically and are rarely the same. Whilst we try to provide some information on this website to assist build people’s understanding on clinical trials it is certainly not a one stop shop, and it is important that a one stop shop simply doesn’t exist. For more information about clinical trials and for links we believe can be helpful for you please click here…