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Get involved in local research! aims to connect individuals with relevant clinical trials.

Clinical trials are scientific studies usually testing new treatments, and are available for either healthy volunteers or individuals with specific illnesses. In the long run, your contribution gives hope for safe and effective treatments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A1. What is all about? is a website where Trial Sites can sign up and post their ongoing clinical trials. This website is not a comprehensive list of trials. Rather, the aim is to provide everyone with a platform for current trial information and facilitate interactions between interested individuals and Trial Sites. If you know of a Trial Site or a clinical trial that is not on, you are encouraged to let the trial staff know about this website.

A2. Who can post clinical trials here?

We only allow registered Trial Sites (places that run clinical trials) to post profile pages and clinical trials here, with the aim of assisting you in finding clinical trials. does NOT manage any of the clinical trials or Trial Sites posted here. For clinical trial enquiries, please use the contact details provided on the trial information page.

A3. Where can I learn more about the clinical trials process?

Apart from the National PICF, this government website has some general resources about the nature of clinical trials, as do many other sites. Illness support groups can sometimes provide resources which describe what to expect in disease-specific clinical trials. You can also find information on the blog. However, it is important to keep in mind that while clinical trials must adhere to certain rules and regulations, each trial is also unique and their specific details can vary.

A4. Why haven’t I been contacted yet after expressing interest?

There may be a few possible reasons why you haven’t been contacted. In all cases, however, does not manage the trials posted here, and as such you should instead contact the Trial Site. Sometimes, study staff can be overwhelmed with the amount of requests they have received. Other times, the study may be full, or you simply may not eligible for the study based on the information you have provided. In any case, it may be worth looking for similar trials – see question A6 for more information on where and how to find trials.

A5. What should I ask before participating or enrolling in a clinical trial?

The informed consent process must occur before you agree to participate in a trial. This involves reading an information sheet outlining what the study is about, what the risks are, and what is involved. Before signing, you should discuss any questions or concerns you may have with the trial staff. Part A of the National PICF is a great resource for learning more about clinical trial participation.

A6. How else can I find clinical trials for myself or someone I know?

Apart from searching on this website, the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry is a comprehensive database of clinical trials. You should also ask your doctor and illness-focused charities if they know of any local trials. This blog discusses in more depth where you can find clinical trials.

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