Clinical Nutrition Team, New Zealand Institue for Plant & Food Research


ADDRESS: Gerald St, Lincoln 7608, New Zealand

PHONE: 0274822018
WEBSITE: Visit Website

MAIN CONTACT Name: Alison Wallace
Role:  Investigator
Phone: 0274822018
Email: OTHER CONTACTS Name: Sarah Eady
Role: Investigator
Phone: 027 467 8562


The clinical nutrition team has a wide variety of skills in the area of dietary intervention trials which includes:

• Design, implementation and management of dietary intervention studies.
• Project management of recruitment and retention of participants for organisations undertaking clinical trials. This service includes gaining ethical approval and the day-to-day management of the study.
• Design, and management of international dietary intervention studies. This service includes identifying and collaborating with suitable international groups.
• Accredited GI/GL testing service.
• Expert consultancy in the area of nutrition science – key skills of team are in the area of expert understanding of the relevant scientific literature and the ability to bring this together with understandings of the market opportunities.
• Data analysis, report preparation and the preparation of scientific papers


No active clinical trials


No current jobs


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